Phase transition type information recording medium and its recording method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an information recording medium capable of performing multi-speed CLV recording or CAV recording and an information recording/ reproducing method capable of setting an optimal recording strategy. SOLUTION: When a zero signal in which the signal width after modulation is nT is recorded or rewritten, an electromagnetic wave of a power level (e) is set, a pulse train is set into a pulse part fp having a time width (x) and the power level (a), multi-pulse part mp in which low and high level pulses of the power level bc having the time width of T in total are respectively and alternately continued at the pulse duty ratio (y) n-n' times in total and an electromagnetic wave pulse train having the time width (z) and the pulse part op of the power level (d), (x), (y), (z) are respectively specified to 0.5T<=x<=2.0T, 0.125T<=y<=0.875T, 0.125T<=z<=1.0T, (n') is specified to a positive integer of n'<=n, (ac)>=e>=(bd) is set, and at least one of the power levels (a), (b), (c), (d), the time width (x) of the pulse part fp, the time width (z) of the op part, the duty ratio (y) of the mp part and (n-n') becomes a function of a recording linear speed.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】マルチスピードCLV記録またはCAV記録可 能な情報記録媒体及び最適記録ストラテジを設定できる 情報記録再生方法。 【解決手段】変調後の信号幅がnTである0信号の記 録、書換時パワーレベルeの電磁波としパルス列を、時 間幅xとパワーレベルaを持つパルス部fpと、合計で Tの時間幅を持つパワーレベルbcの夫々低高レベルパ ルスとが交互にデューティ比yで計n−n’回連続する マルチパルス部mpと、時間幅zとパワーレベルdのパ ルス部opを有する電磁波パルス列とし、x、y、zを 0.5T≦x≦2.0T、0.125T≦y≦0.87 5T、0.125T≦z≦1.0Tとし、n’をn’≦ nの正の整数とし(ac)≧e≧(bd)としパワーレ ベルa、b、c、d、パルス部fpの時間幅x、op部 の時間幅z、mp部のデューティ比y、(n−n’)の 少なくともひとつが、記録線速度の関数となっている。




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