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US-2008288165-A1: Displaying a Map Having a Close Known Location patent, US-2004021403-A1: Piezoelectric on semiconductor-on-insulator microelectromechanical resonators and methods of fabrication patent, US-2004183279-A1: Interior vehicle trim panel patent, US-2005250044-A1: Functional polymer patent, US-2008197247-A1: Stand apparatus patent, US-2009216608-A1: Collaborative review system patent, US-2009254168-A1: Delivery system for medical device patent, US-2009284179-A1: Apparatuses for Providing Power for Illumination of a Display Object patent, US-2004046668-A1: Apparatus and method for reducing the risk of decubitus ulcers patent, US-2007112698-A1: Computer controlled method using genetic algorithms to provide non-deterministic solutions to problems involving physical restraints patent, US-2008139711-A1: Polyester Compositions, Method Of Manufacture, And Uses Thereof patent, US-5666219-A: Rotary polygon mirror type light deflecting system patent, US-2005210464-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing system, control method of information processing apparatus, control method of information processing system, and storage medium having programs capable of being read and stored by computer patent, US-2008249464-A1: Catheter Having Internal Mechanisms to Encourage Balloon Re-folding patent, US-2005262789-A1: Modular construction assembly patent, US-2006149599-A1: System and method for automatically generating physician orders for urgent care patent, US-2009115163-A1: Trailer patent, US-2005167123-A1: Robotic sod stacker with software control patent, US-2005278424-A1: Network conferencing using method for concurrent real time broadcast and distributed computing and/or distributed objects patent, US-2006208379-A1: Rotary apparatus for forming decouplers for vehicle interior components patent, US-2008096167-A1: Grinder disk patent, US-2006110977-A1: Connector having conductive member and method of use thereof patent, US-2006229778-A1: Technique for effective communications with and provision of global positioning system (GPS) based advertising information to, automobiles patent, US-2009019489-A1: Method and apparatus for displaying movie titles based on distributed objects patent, US-2007066156-A1: Steering method and steering system for boat patent, US-2010079318-A1: Data conversion circuitry and method therefor patent, US-2004021866-A1: Scatterometry alignment for imprint lithography patent, US-2009325434-A1: Swim fin patent, US-2003212580-A1: Management of information flow and workflow in medical imaging services patent, US-2006269378-A1: Device for securing a personal-transport vehicle to a mounting surface patent, US-2009209352-A1: Energy managing keel joint patent, US-2005041530-A1: Signal processing device for acoustic transducer array patent, US-2006181112-A1: One-piece sidewall liner with logistic slot and method of making same patent, US-2008038136-A1: Long life telescoping gear pumps and motors patent, US-2009129354-A1: Access point configuration schemes patent, US-2009165940-A1: Method and apparatus for spacing cellular matter in a cell block patent, US-2004245759-A1: Vehicle steering telescopic shaft patent, US-2005288558-A1: Wound retraction apparatus and method patent, US-2009138394-A1: Remittance payment processing with account scheming and/or validation patent, US-2006007141-A1: Pointing device and cursor for use in intelligent computing environments patent, US-2009216923-A1: Managing recovery of a link via loss of link patent, US-2005030707-A1: Protective enclosure for an interactive flat-panel controlled device patent, US-2004118811-A1: Method for making a forming structure patent, US-2005198100-A1: System and method for building component applications using metadata defined mapping between message and data domains patent, US-2009265206-A1: System and method for managing a chaotic event patent, US-2004186520-A1: Reforming wet-tantalum capacitors in implantable medical devices patent, US-2007044571-A1: Apparatus and method of measuring gas volume fraction of a fluid flowing within a pipe patent, US-2007142660-A1: Salt of a sulfur-containing, phosphorus-containing compound, and methods thereof patent, US-2007227895-A1: Crystalline chromium deposit patent, US-2007298667-A1: Nonwoven fabric patent, US-2006199911-A1: Cap liners, closures and gaskets from multi-block polymers patent, US-2007147979-A1: Substrate gripper for a substrate handling robot patent, US-2006253064-A1: Patient hydration system with hydration state detection patent, US-2009018574-A1: Closure device patent, US-2009050590-A1: Storage system and methods patent, US-2005012414-A1: Method and apparatus for isolated transformation of a first voltage into a second voltage for measurement of electrical bioimpedances or bioconductances patent, US-2005198775-A1: Spring balance assembly patent, US-2008117042-A1: Actuatable cushioning elements patent, US-2007045134-A1: Aqueous Solution of an Analgesic and a Dispenser Therefor patent, US-2008157999-A1: Electronic apparatus, electronic system and method of controlling audio output patent, US-2006019224-A1: Insomnia assessment and treatment device and method patent, US-2006287068-A1: Problem gambling detection in tabletop games patent, US-2006115284-A1: Semi-automatic image quality adjustment for multiple marking engine systems patent, US-2005028477-A1: Method for strengthening a structure and associated anchorage unit patent, US-2006095385-A1: Method and network for selectively controlling the utility a target patent, US-2006196372-A1: Golf Ball patent, US-2006263601-A1: Substrate of artificial leather including ultrafine fibers and methods for making the same patent, US-2008076319-A1: Toy Helicopter patent, US-2008240180-A1: Optical fm source based on intra-cavity phase and amplitude modulation in lasers patent, US-2010006314-A1: Waterproof enclosure for audio device patent, US-2008278760-A1: Apparatus for Document Optimization Using Solid Monochrome Colors patent, US-2007052128-A1: Method for molding three-dimensional foam products using a continuous forming apparatus patent, US-2007035164-A1: Adjustable chair station and method of use patent, US-2007176549-A1: Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2009157807-A1: System and/or method for generating a script relating to a medical task involving motion with a device patent, US-2004239670-A1: System and method for providing a real-time three-dimensional interactive environment patent, US-2004260198-A1: Endoscopic instruments patent, US-2005024646-A1: Optical coherence tomography imaging patent, US-2005164842-A1: Swim trainer patent, US-2005236416-A1: Refillable flexible sheet dispenser patent, US-2005251163-A1: Vascular anastomosis systems patent, US-2005251851-A1: Configuration of a distributed security system patent, US-2005273131-A1: Access systems and methods for minimally invasive surgery patent, US-2005274139-A1: Sub-ambient refrigerating cycle patent, US-2006041648-A1: System and method for identifying and establishing preferred modalities or channels for communications based on participants' preferences and contexts patent, US-2006196099-A1: Accessory devices for firearms patent, US-2006219115-A1: Web offset printing press with autoplating patent, US-2006293462-A1: Heterogeneous polymer blend and process of making the same patent, US-2007052721-A1: Systems and methods for temporal subpixel rendering of image data patent, US-2007080166-A1: Cylindrical container dispenser patent, US-2007123336-A1: Computer graphics processing methods and systems for presentation of graphics objects or text in a wagering environment with wager approval patent, US-2007173911-A1: Medical device with an electrically conductive anti-antenna member patent, US-2007233079-A1: Rod contouring apparatus and method for percutaneous pedicle screw extension patent, US-2008030227-A1: Reconfigurable IC that has Sections Running at Different Reconfiguration Rates patent, US-2008083650-A1: Methods for producing a crude product patent, US-2008214643-A1: Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function patent, US-2008261303-A1: Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a given gene patent, US-2008314312-A1: Method and apparatus for extruding a coating upon a substrate surface patent, US-2009132684-A1: Normalization engine and method of requesting a key or performing an operation pertaining to an end point patent, US-5678382-A: Structure of base of column and construction method for base of column patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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