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US-2006052033-A1: Medicated breast pad patent, US-2006106232-A1: Novel crystal forms of atorvastatin hemi-calcium and processes for their preparation as well as novel processes for preparing other forms patent, US-2006152658-A1: Transflective liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus using the same patent, US-2006221874-A1: Versatile system for transceiver noise reduction in a time-division duplexing wireless network patent, US-2006279332-A1: Voltage-level shifter patent, US-2007083635-A1: Computer system patent, US-2007086671-A1: Image processing apparatus patent, US-2007191907-A1: Voltage/current regulator improvements for an implantable medical device patent, US-2008013066-A1: Illumination system for microlithography patent, US-2008143570-A1: Method and apparatus for feedback signal generation in sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters patent, US-2009009026-A1: Locking device for preventing a rotation and/or an axial movement of a pin, including shape memory releasing means patent, US-2009116664-A1: Perceptually weighted digital audio level compression patent, US-2009209278-A1: access terminal battery life through search rate control patent, US-2009218360-A1: Lid for Airtight Containers patent, US-2009252652-A1: Apparatus And Method For Handling Fluids For Analysis patent, US-2009299552-A1: Method and system for automatically managing a convoy of aircraft during a taxiing patent, US-2004154132-A1: Dual material tool handle patent, US-2004261158-A1: Communications device for a protective helmet patent, US-2005097388-A1: Data distributor patent, US-2005168970-A1: Underwater lighting fixture with color changing electric light assembly patent, US-2005249561-A1: Drilling attachment patent, US-2005262929-A1: Wafer level capped sensor patent, US-2005276864-A1: Cellular therapy to heal vascular tissue patent, US-2007054238-A1: Self adjusting instrument patent, US-2007228808-A1: Hub for wheel of human powered vehicle patent, US-2007288813-A1: Cell board interconnection architecture with serviceable switch board patent, US-2008139890-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for aggregating medical information patent, US-2008158313-A1: Cradle Unit For Receiving A Print Cartridge To Form A Print Engine patent, US-2009125051-A1: Combination coil and liquid embolic for embolization patent, US-2009134705-A1: Mbackup flywheel power supply patent, US-2009166305-A1: Tool Storage Rack patent, US-2009237169-A1: Dual Synchro-Resonant Electrosurgical Apparatus With Bi-Directional Magnetic Coupling patent, US-2004045147-A1: Resilient standoff fastener patent, US-2005089813-A1: Matrix wedge restorative dental system and method of use patent, US-2005177614-A1: Method and computer system for matching mobile device users for business and social networking patent, US-2005257996-A1: Disposable cover for stethoscope head patent, US-2005288466-A1: Novel prepolymers for improved surface modification of contact lenses patent, US-2006096155-A1: Reflective fishing lure and method of use patent, US-2006102246-A1: Liquid dispenser with sealing module patent, US-2006129382-A1: Adaptive intrusion detection for autonomic systems patent, US-2006210372-A1: Fastening device for a vehicle area patent, US-5547306-A: Fastener assembly patent, US-2006217689-A1: Method and device for the representation of an operation area during laser operations patent, US-2006290098-A1: Trailer hitch having multiple hitch balls patent, US-2006290549-A1: Methods and apparatus for implementing and/or using amplifiers and/or for performing various amplification related operations patent, US-2008100911-A1: System and method for increasing the contrast of an image produced by an epifluorescence microscope patent, US-2008289609-A1: Method of fueling an internal combustion engine using pressurized and heated fuel patent, US-2009296914-A1: Method And System For A Gateway Transfer patent, US-2004256895-A1: Versatile high-low chair patent, US-2005016475-A1: Split-cycle engine with dwell piston motion patent, US-2005157860-A1: Common visual and functional architecture for presenting and controlling arbitrary telephone line features patent, US-2005191143-A1: Multi-function trailer apparatus patent, US-2005236196-A1: Wheelchair with drive wheels responsive to operational characteristics of casters patent, US-2006106448-A1: Vessel treatment devices patent, US-2006155488-A1: Mass air flow circuit having pulse width modulation feedback control patent, US-2006245565-A1: Classifying signals at a conference bridge patent, US-2006246778-A1: Micro coated electrical feedthru patent, US-2007002297-A1: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing movement of clean air to reduce contamination patent, US-2008007802-A1: Pitch to pitch online gray balance calibration patent, US-2008179469-A1: Cable connector patent, US-2008208021-A1: Implantable tissue perfusion sensing system and method patent, US-2008293322-A1: Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2008293889-A1: Nitrile rubbers patent, US-2009314176-A1: Apparatus and method for blasting patent, US-2004234446-A1: Process for the production of metal fluoride materials patent, US-2006281992-A1: Bladder function monitoring methods, apparatuses, media and signals patent, US-2007047387-A1: Reaction block for supporting flasks of different sizes for chemical synthesis on a hot plates stirrer patent, US-2007080733-A1: Radiation hardened latch patent, US-2007121275-A1: Monolithic capacitor and mounting structure thereof patent, US-2007200381-A1: Backsplash cradle apparatus and methods for securing bulky items patent, US-2007288366-A1: Method and apparatus for billing data services patent, US-2007289523-A1: Whistle patent, US-2008008556-A1: Quick Attaching and Detaching Nut patent, US-2008100458-A1: Sonic Building Rescue Beacon patent, US-2008123901-A1: Method and System for Comparing Images Using a Pictorial Edit Distance patent, US-2008274732-A1: Digital Radiocommunication Method and System, Particulary for Mobile Ground Stations patent, US-2009046599-A1: Integration apparatus, communication network and method for integrating a network node into a communication network patent, US-2009312588-A1: Process for hydrogenating unsaturated hydrocarbons in the presence of catalysts containing copper and zinc patent, US-2004236533-A1: Test substrate reclamation method and apparatus patent, US-2005089449-A1: Apparatus and methods for microfluidic applications patent, US-2005218815-A1: Power generation controller of vehicle power generator patent, US-2006207136-A1: Modular scroll sign display system patent, US-2007079992-A1: System, method, and apparatus for enhancing the durability of earth-boring bits with carbide materials patent, US-2005015082-A1: Enhanced ablation and mapping catheter and method for treating atrial fibrillation patent, US-2006144123-A1: Sensor arrangement patent, US-2006266773-A1: Dispensing cap patent, US-2007005544-A1: Discovery, maintenance, and representation of entities in a managed system environment patent, US-2007055270-A1: Navigated lateral /medial femoral resection guide patent, US-2007057141-A1: Flat panel display device patent, US-2009021898-A1: Electronic apparatus patent, US-2009049857-A1: Heat pump system having auxiliary water heating and heat exchanger bypass patent, US-2004255837-A1: Bird deterrent patent, US-2005110712-A1: Plasma display device and driving method for plasma display panel patent, US-2005210688-A1: Visual protractor patent, US-2006100841-A1: Automatic system and method for testing mobile phone patent, US-2006101592-A1: Method and device for display use of washing machine patent, US-2006249086-A1: Multiple function animal furniture system patent, US-2007241808-A1: High voltage pumping device patent, US-2008158179-A1: Advanced frequency calibration patent, US-2009174552-A1: Digital occupancy sensor light control patent, patent, patent, patent, 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