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US-2008190410-A1: Charcoal lighting device patent, US-2008191816-A1: Content rate control for streaming media servers patent, US-2008196023-A1: Local controller, remote management controller and method for automatically updating the local controller of an air conditioner system patent, US-2008216003-A1: Rack management system and display apparatus and control apparatus for use in rack management system patent, US-2009014193-A1: Impact Mechanism for an Impact Wrench patent, US-2009106562-A1: Method of protecting data saved to recording medium and data storage apparatus adopting method patent, US-2009183361-A1: Installation head actuator for electronic parts and installation device for electronic parts patent, US-2009259749-A1: Computer system input/output management patent, US-2009271166-A1: Systems and methods for current analysis of circuits including relatively large rc networks patent, US-2009301825-A1: Torque plate for a brake assembly patent, US-2010002646-A1: Communication apparatus and method patent, US-2010013167-A1: Sealing Arrangement patent, US-2010047032-A1: Unitary void filling apparatus for use with various pallet sizes and loads, and method of using the same patent, US-2004088923-A1: Railroad grade crossing assembly patent, US-2004092395-A1: Ceramic catalyst body patent, US-2004120037-A1: Rear projection screen, optical component thereof, and method for manufacturing the optical component patent, US-2004135810-A1: Operation unit for an image forming apparatus patent, US-2004175220-A1: Collapsible keyboard with supporting structure patent, US-2004187083-A1: System and method for reducing the size of wireless communications patent, US-2004216653-A1: Device for removing plants or the like from ground patent, US-2004217646-A1: Brake fluid pressure control device patent, US-2004265057-A1: Composite bridge expansion joint patent, US-2005055872-A1: Method for producing ferrous picrate patent, US-2005099838-A1: Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having power control function patent, US-2005155957-A1: Method of forming an opening or cavity in a substrate for receiving an electronic component patent, US-2005175746-A1: Low flavor anti-microbials derived from smoke flavors patent, US-2005241167-A1: Measuring device patent, US-2005286089-A1: Method and apparatus for directly printing synthesized image combined with background template patent, US-2006027049-A1: Ratcheting wrench patent, US-2006111228-A1: Dunnage conversion machine, method and dunnage product patent, US-2006167633-A1: Neighboring object information acquisition device, and parking support device using neighboring object information acquisition device patent, US-2006179617-A1: Formed wire dead-end appliance for high temperature linear bodies patent, US-2006184231-A1: Self contracting stent patent, US-2007052186-A1: The portable wheeled shopping bin system patent, US-2007142520-A1: Stain compositions and related coated substrates patent, US-2007146018-A1: Precision sampling circuit patent, US-2007199131-A1: Fingertip flexor glove patent, US-2007200707-A1: System for Placing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antennas, Tags and Interrogators patent, US-2007207107-A1: Silicone based emulsions for topical drug delivery patent, US-2007239812-A1: Binary And N-Valued LFSR And LFCSR Based Scramblers, Descramblers, Sequence Generators and Detectors In Galois Configuration patent, US-2008199170-A1: Camera system patent, US-2009003532-A1: Lower-torso assembly of a treatment couch useable in an X-ray environment patent, US-2009006974-A1: Automatic selection of user-oriented web content patent, US-2009045959-A1: Beverage container authenticity and provenance devices and methods patent, US-2009073111-A1: Method of Driving Electrophoresis Display Device, Electrophoresis Device, and Electronic Apparatus patent, US-2009302622-A1: Door stop patent, US-2010078342-A1: Document Retention Device with Integral Pillow Box patent, US-2004000769-A1: Torsion axle patent, US-2004015114-A1: Tibial distraction device patent, US-2004076312-A1: System and method for providing a visual language for non-reading sighted persons patent, US-2004124753-A1: Storage unit with rolling tray arrangement for heavy loads patent, US-2004194990-A1: Clamp for a vibration damper and method of installing same patent, US-2004202763-A1: Dough composition and method of baking yeast-fermented frozen bread products patent, US-2005081519-A1: System for preventing swing wag for a work machine with a boom assembly patent, US-2005116432-A1: Pallet truck patent, US-2005205323-A1: Motorized bicycle derailleur assembly patent, US-2006041653-A1: Methods, systems and computer program products for obscuring traffic in a distributed system patent, US-2006068490-A1: Flow-through chemical and biological sensor patent, US-2006156557-A1: Writing guide patent, US-2006157512-A1: Dispensing device with piston pump patent, US-2006157891-A1: Insert injection-compression molding of polymeric PTC electrical devices patent, US-2006163148-A1: Filter housing for a drinking water pitcher patent, US-2006173696-A1: Method and apparatus for product management patent, US-2006202837-A1: Method and apparatus for remote blood alcohol monitoring patent, US-2006216684-A1: Study reference book allowing easy confirmation of correct answers patent, US-2006241341-A1: Anatomic Device patent, US-2007025862-A1: Compressible gas ejector with unexpanded motive gas-load gas interface patent, US-2007031186-A1: Self-clinching D base patent, US-2007055184-A1: Methods and systems for heart failure prevention and treatments using ultrasound and leadless implantable devices patent, US-2007068445-A1: Non-furling flag patent, US-2007102938-A1: Infuser augmented vertical wind turbine electrical generating system patent, US-2007113932-A1: Adaptive structures, systems incorporating same and related methods patent, US-2007161220-A1: Semiconductor device with mushroom electrode and manufacture method thereof patent, US-2008005487-A1: Re-snoop for conflict resolution in a cache coherency protocol patent, US-2008115512-A1: Wild frequency avionic refrigeration system and controller therefor patent, US-2008156390-A1: Jet-Weaving Machine, Particularly an Air Jet-Weaving Machine, with a Clamping Device in the Mixing Tube patent, US-2008163721-A1: Pedal apparatus patent, US-2008307514-A1: Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and computer program product patent, US-2008319663-A1: Method for smart broadcasting of stop names patent, US-2009049787-A1: Floor panel provided with a core made of a derived timber product, a decorative layer and locking sections patent, US-2009063873-A1: Document viewing mode for battery powered computing devices patent, US-2009106576-A1: Methods and systems for digitally controlled multi-frequency clocking of multi-core processors patent, US-2009188479-A1: Arrangement and method to operate a combustion engine with two different types of fuel patent, US-5365188-A: Self-configurable, dual bridge, power amplifier patent, US-2009321162-A1: Wheelchair with middle wheel drive patent, US-2003220742-A1: Automated method and system for determining the state of well operations and performing process evaluation patent, US-2004035633-A1: Three-point engine mount patent, US-2004046812-A1: Adjusting printing parameters in response to printhead feedback patent, US-2004082335-A1: Radio communication system, frequency allocation method and frequency allocation device patent, US-2004156088-A1: GLV based fiber optic transmitter patent, US-2004238088-A1: Apparatus for protecting a vehicle mirror patent, US-2005172982-A1: Dental floss device with a stackable dental floss holder patent, US-2005215437-A1: Paraffin inhibitors patent, US-2005224753-A1: Liquid crystalline epoxy resins patent, US-2005256498-A1: Device for suction-assisted lipectomy and method of using same patent, US-2006007118-A1: Handheld electronic device with text disambiguation patent, US-2006070417-A1: Flatness monitor patent, US-2006242936-A1: Cotton accumulator for a cotton receiver of a cotton harvesting machine patent, US-2007039602-A1: Remote control paintball gun patent, US-2007081041-A1: Inkjet printhead with inlet priming feature patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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