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US-2004056614-A1: Control apparatus for electric power steering system patent, US-2004070546-A1: High radiation efficient dual band feed horn patent, US-2004121930-A1: Using cationic celluloses to enhance delivery of fabric care benefit agents patent, US-2004158345-A1: System and method for custom-made clothing patent, US-2004166003-A1: Method for manufacturing a turbocharger assembly having a thermally decoupled flange patent, US-2005061645-A1: Switching apparatus and vehicle-mounted electronic apparatus having the switching apparatus assembled therein patent, US-2005103208-A1: Apparatus for producing confectionery patent, US-2005160949-A1: Interlocking modular tubular pallet patent, US-2005206687-A1: Thin film coating of a slotted substrate and techniques for forming slotted substrates with partially patterned layers patent, US-2006022029-A1: Keyboard with special symbol key and code exchange method for such key patent, US-2006039667-A1: Cable guide patent, US-2006050863-A1: Method for supporting the mobility of a subscriber across a communication system patent, US-2006066138-A1: Automobile underbody structure patent, US-2006124687-A1: Stapler with bending arms which cut the staple legs against a pad patent, US-2006203066-A1: Image formation apparatus patent, US-2006217776-A1: Implantable cardiac motion powered piezoelectric energy source patent, US-2006243537-A1: Absolute position reference system patent, US-2007000293-A1: Security system for entrance barriers patent, US-2007034486-A1: Low cost flight attachment for modular belts patent, US-2007080446-A1: Protective enclosure for handheld electronic device patent, US-2007136042-A1: Quadrilateral grid extension of central difference scheme for ink-jet simulations patent, US-5277968-A: Polyorganosiloxane softening/hydrophilizing of textile substrates patent, US-2007177856-A1: Ground heating device patent, US-2007218732-A1: Portable electronic device patent, US-2007230728-A1: Aided Ear Bud patent, US-2007260769-A1: Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing DMA write page faults using a pool of substitute pages patent, US-2007292344-A1: Children's first aid kit for cuts and scrapes patent, US-2008084951-A1: Systems and methods for receiving multiple input, multiple output signals for test and analysis of multiple-input, multiple-output systems patent, US-2008093039-A1: Composite co-structured or co-adsorbed, mineral or organic filler or pigment compounds and the use thereof patent, US-2008093941-A1: Assembly for connecting the electrical stator windings of an electric motor patent, US-2008127846-A1: Color management system, ink-control device, printer, and printing method patent, US-2008131786-A1: Photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording and photosensitive medium for volume hologram recording patent, US-2008133384-A1: Service management method, product-in-circulation to which the same is applied,service management device, service management network system, service management program, and computer readable program product with the program stored thereon patent, US-2008151697-A1: Electronic watch with indication of the direction of a pre-programmed geographical place patent, US-2008158606-A1: Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer data signal, and computer readable medium patent, US-2008169353-A1: Trestle support apparatus patent, US-2008223869-A1: Container Suitable for Wet Wipes and Corresponding Refill Pack That Provide Sensory Perceptible Effects patent, US-2008244094-A1: Method and Apparatus for Time Synchronization in a Network Data Processing System patent, US-2008256273-A1: Serial communication method and serial communication system patent, US-2009273810-A1: Integrating targeted ads in faxes patent, US-2009294663-A1: Curved ion guide and related methods patent, US-2010087756-A1: Method of characterization and differentiation of tissue patent, US-2004010176-A1: Alkylation process patent, US-2004064164-A1: Connector module jumper for quadrapolar leads patent, US-2004108396-A1: Auto-tracking dispenser patent, US-2004129991-A1: Front side illuminated photodiode with backside bump patent, US-2004170304-A1: Apparatus and method for detecting pupils patent, US-2004243322-A1: Measuring device including at least a sensor, capable of operating in difficult conditions patent, US-2004247275-A1: Extended optical bandwidth semiconductor source patent, US-2005011591-A1: Metal matrix composites with intermettalic reinforcements patent, US-2005099006-A1: Tapered ceramic GC fitting and assembly patent, US-2005104897-A1: Image cropping system and method patent, US-2005139377-A1: Paste extruded insulator with air channels patent, US-2005274926-A1: Method of preventing or reducing aluminosilicate scale in kraft pulp mills patent, US-2006059329-A1: Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mode data traffic patent, US-2006100504-A1: Method for providing pelvic orientation information in computer- assisted surgery patent, US-2006144052-A1: Thermoelectric heat exchange element patent, US-2006162166-A1: Operating assembly and device including such an operating assembly patent, US-2006162606-A1: Short magnum shotshell cartridge and firing assembly patent, US-2006188058-A1: Method and tomography unit for taking tomographic pictures of a beating heart patent, US-2007033725-A1: Ball pulsating hydrotherapy jet patent, US-2007106097-A1: Double metal cyanide-catalyzed, low unsaturation polyethers from boron-containing starters patent, US-2007109282-A1: Data transfer circuit and flat display device patent, US-2007170109-A1: Liquid Filtering Apparatus patent, US-2007184373-A1: Fractal Skr-method for evaluating image quality patent, US-2008048142-A1: Valve with Inherent Enhanced Turbulent Flow Metering Device and Flow Regulation patent, US-2008059880-A1: Child lock for electronic device patent, US-2008103833-A1: Integrated system for generation and retention of medical records patent, US-2008162261-A1: Virtual reality system including personalized virtual environments patent, US-2008202514-A1: Inhaler patent, US-2008231977-A1: Reflective Layer patent, US-2008251756-A1: Coolant composition for fuel cell patent, US-2008253470-A1: OFDM receiving circuit having multiple demodulation paths patent, US-2008292130-A1: Preserving scanner signature using MRC technology patent, US-2009004900-A1: Low profile shorting bar for electrical connector patent, US-2009017184-A1: Confectionery compositions patent, US-2009032113-A1: Flameless relief valve patent, US-2004069565-A1: Termination arrangement for a horizontal lifeline cable patent, US-2004099483-A1: Automatic lubricator patent, US-2004103478-A1: Fluid supply apparatus for a mattress patent, US-2004150660-A1: Drive control apparatus and method for matrix panel patent, US-2004178808-A1: Thermal stratification test apparatus and method providing cyclical and steady-state stratified environments patent, US-2004247762-A1: [Automatic Roasting Apparatus] patent, US-2004249737-A1: Principled asset rotation patent, US-2004253570-A1: Magic letter links patent, US-2005001401-A1: Passive ride control for a vehicle suspension system patent, US-2005013523-A1: Optical add drop multiplexer device patent, US-2005027275-A1: Compressed, gas-stabilized tampon having multiple folds patent, US-2005253322-A1: Method and device for stacking sheet material patent, US-2005254147-A1: Image pick-up lens system patent, US-2006070659-A1: Method and apparatus for installation of a flow control valve for mounting a subterraneously positioned pipe patent, US-2006174826-A1: Tantalum based crucible patent, US-2006219953-A1: Subsurface imaging using an electron beam patent, US-2006244430-A1: DC/DC converter patent, US-2006259057-A1: Trigger activated lancet patent, US-2007153718-A1: Method for transmitting and receiving message of short message broadcasting services in telecommunication system patent, US-2007167074-A1: Connection system patent, US-2007183844-A1: Tooth profile of a spline shaft patent, US-2007226431-A1: Read-copy-update (RCU) operations with reduced memory barrier usage patent, US-2007294755-A1: Network aware firewall patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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