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US-2006059704-A1: Distance measuring and recording apparatus and method patent, US-2006061637-A1: Vent chamber patent, US-2006090235-A1: Modular headwear assembly patent, US-2006106378-A1: Tissue cutting device, tissue cut assisting device and accommodation housing patent, US-2006114812-A1: Method and apparatus for embodying and synchronizing downlink signal in mobile communication system and method for searching cell using the same patent, US-2006128958-A1: Methods for producing a hexadentate bimetallic complex patent, US-2006142326-A1: Use of pyrazolopyridines for the treatment of cognitive deficits patent, US-2006161110-A1: Method and apparatus for percutaneous wound sealing patent, US-2006174632-A1: Air bleed device on a machine stator pivoting blade patent, US-2006179255-A1: Methods and apparatus for synchronizing data access to a local memory in a multi-processor system patent, US-2006208508-A1: Lock out mechanism for vehicle door outside handles patent, US-2006243718-A1: Torque boost for wire feeder patent, US-2007014497-A1: Ball end for a link patent, US-2007022181-A1: Information processing server, information processing system, information processing method and storage medium storing information processing program patent, US-2007028064-A1: Method for suspending mirrored writes during large data transfers patent, US-2007057971-A1: Photography with embedded graphical objects patent, US-2007068401-A1: Postage meter with improved printing slot patent, US-2007085267-A1: Gaming Apparatus and Method patent, US-2007095582-A1: Wheelchair with mechanical arm patent, US-2007118615-A1: Information technology system with multiple item targeting patent, US-2007182039-A1: Methods and systems for processing complex shaped hydrogel devices patent, US-2007228124-A1: Folding boxes patent, US-2007289253-A1: Package wrapping method and apparatus patent, US-2008000701-A1: Method of controlling the operating mode of a hybrid motor vehicle patent, US-2008004977-A1: Digital marketplace to facilitate transactions of creative works patent, US-2008016883-A1: Motor Vehicle Operable By Means Of Cryogenically Stored Fuel And Having A Compressed-Air System patent, US-2008036458-A1: Magnetic resonance diagnosing apparatus and its operating method patent, US-2008043969-A1: Method and system for intelligent routing patent, US-2008115988-A1: Electric vehicle drive system patent, US-2008160848-A1: Surfboard leash connection module patent, US-2008255152-A1: Diaryl ethers as opioid receptor antagonists patent, US-2008283404-A1: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device to decrease defect number of plating film patent, US-2008287724-A1: Isomerization of Benzene-Containing Feedstocks patent, US-2008301300-A1: Predictive asynchronous web pre-fetch patent, US-2009005462-A1: Structured depilatory compositions patent, US-2009013167-A1: Computer device, method for booting the same, and booting module for the same patent, US-2009046920-A1: Approximating Wafer Intensity Change To Provide Fast Mask Defect Scoring patent, US-2009050294-A1: Evaporation-enhanced thermal management devices, systems, and methods of heat management patent, US-2009156835-A1: Preparation of phthalic anhydride by gas phase oxidation of o-xylene in a main reactor and postreactor patent, US-2009163145-A1: Systems and methods for time optimization for silencing wireless devices in coexistence networks patent, US-2009173281-A1: Milking plant patent, US-2009190229-A1: Spherically shaped optical beamsplitter patent, US-2009201690-A1: Indicator display assembly for a vehicle rearview mirror patent, US-2009326005-A1: Quinine sulfate/bisulfate solid complex; methods of making; and methods of use thereof patent, US-2010079432-A1: Display apparatus and method thereof patent, US-2010090879-A1: Microwave absorber, especially for high temperature applications patent, US-2004008481-A1: Computer system and method of controlling the same patent, US-2004051290-A1: Hauling system patent, US-2004060486-A1: Table with adjustable support patent, US-2004070888-A1: Micro-actuator for hard-disk drive, and manufacturing process thereof patent, US-2004138816-A1: Method and system for analyzing the effect of inflow and infiltration on a sewer system patent, US-2004165197-A1: Method and device for determining the position of rotationally drivable tools patent, US-2004216224-A1: Anal cleaning device patent, US-2004246683-A1: Electrical circuit arrangement comprised of a number of electrically interconnected circuit components patent, US-2005017570-A1: Motor vehicle wheel disc, in particular for passenger car patent, US-2005055413-A1: Method and apparatus for automatically sending away notifications in an email messaging system patent, US-2005155192-A1: Tank retaining system patent, US-2005159720-A1: Absorbent hygiene product patent, US-2006045616-A1: Method and apparatus for mounting a component in an information handling system patent, US-2006053576-A1: Buffing pad with graded flexibility and replaceable working face patent, US-2006090017-A1: Microprocessor system with memory device including a DMAC, and a bus for DMA transfer of data between memory devices patent, US-2006183575-A1: Lacrosse-stick heads patent, US-2006206628-A1: User interfaces for peripheral configuration patent, US-2006231459-A1: FCC process combining molecular separation with staged conversion patent, US-2006237519-A1: Foldable boxes patent, US-2006240384-A1: Dental implant with an integral structure comprising a stump completely or partially realized in advance patent, US-2006252326-A1: Antimicrobial cubicle curtain and methods of making the same patent, US-2006254976-A1: Device and method for removing solids and liquids from a pot patent, US-2006291181-A1: Bracket for expansion card slot patent, US-2007041827-A1: Cooling circuit for gas turbine fixed ring patent, US-2007042779-A1: Number portability service in a telecommunication system patent, US-2007129884-A1: Car navigation system patent, US-2008096091-A1: Flat fuel cell assembly patent, US-2008105806-A1: Apparatus and method for retaining a recreational vehicle attachment patent, US-2008150391-A1: Method and Device for Moving an Element to Be Driven Using an Actuating Element Formed by Etching in a Semiconductor Material patent, US-2008168336-A1: Simplified RS (reed-solomon) code decoder that obviates error value polynomial calculation patent, US-2008177624-A9: Receipt Card Systems patent, US-2008237998-A1: Gasket with high recovery half bead and wave stopper patent, US-2008279719-A1: Decontamination system with air bypass patent, US-2008317046-A1: Communication node and communication route selecting method patent, US-2009024379-A1: Evaluation device patent, US-2009038353-A1: Dual lock apparatus patent, US-2009080682-A1: Electret condenser microphone patent, US-2009092203-A1: Adaptive self-quieter suppression for ofdm wireless communication systems patent, US-2009098829-A1: System for securing electrical apparatus patent, US-2009134973-A1: Plug & Play and Security Via RFID For Handheld Devices patent, US-2009144527-A1: Stream processing apparatus, method for stream processing and data processing system patent, US-2009147511-A1: Lumenairs Having Structurally and Electrically Integrated Arrangements of Quasi Point Light Sources, Such as LEDS patent, US-2009199037-A1: Wake-up timer with periodic recalibration patent, US-2009235755-A1: Rotating dovetail connection for materials testing patent, US-2009237256-A1: System for locating an Alzheimer's patient patent, US-2010005021-A1: Method and system for buying and selling certified emission reduction credits patent, US-2010005580-A1: hands-free toilet seat lifting device patent, US-2010009669-A1: Management of mobile station memory content patent, US-2010081859-A1: Infant Care Apparatus patent, US-2003217940-A1: Armored peripheral case patent, US-2003220864-A1: Apparatus for market dispatch for resolving energy imbalance requirements in real-time patent, US-2003225628-A1: Market clearability in combinatorial auctions and exchanges patent, US-2004011477-A1: Magnetic encoder for powered window covering patent, US-2004052312-A1: Multi-mode envelope restoration architecture for RF transmitters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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