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US-2009312837-A1: Expandable intervertebral implant patent, US-2010017587-A1: Method and system for securing an option ROM configuration patent, US-2010050628-A1: High efficiency positive displacement thermodynamic system patent, US-2010051744-A1: Engine pylon for the suspension of a turbo engine under an aircraft wing patent, US-2010094983-A1: Methods and apparatus to provison name-servers patent, US-2004024624-A1: Method and system for leveraging functional knowledge using a requirement and space planning tool in an engineering project patent, US-2004071420-A1: Microstructuring optical wave guide devices with femtosecond optical pulses patent, US-2004089506-A1: Piston damper assembly, and dust tube subassembly, having a velocity sensor patent, US-2004090427-A1: Die-cut overlays for touch-sensitive screens patent, US-2004127292-A1: Sparring weapon patent, US-2004144666-A1: Dry CD port for a backpack or bag patent, US-5263314-A: Fuel leakage protection system for gas turbine engine patent, US-2004160946-A1: Internet telephony network and methods for using the same patent, US-2004211586-A1: Superconducting cable termination patent, US-2004237631-A1: Fueling nozzle with integral molecular leak sensor patent, US-2005021793-A1: Method for assigning an identifier to a peer-group in a peer-to-peer network patent, US-2005042978-A1: Compliant polishing element and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005043144-A1: Auxiliary equipment for exercise treadmill patent, US-2005075639-A1: Contoured reamer teeth patent, US-2005122292-A1: Light show ASIC patent, US-2005156844-A1: Semiconductor circuit patent, US-2005204616-A1: Method and cover for grass protection and restoration and for seed germination patent, US-2005258321-A1: Mounting bracket patent, US-2005281138-A1: Amplifier and computer program therefor patent, US-2006029779-A1: Injection molded part having an energetic beam markable article patent, US-2006048639-A1: Muzzle device patent, US-2006076322-A1: Protection device of a laser processing unit patent, US-2006077383-A1: Device for selecting and detecting at least two spectral regions of a light beam patent, US-2006102214-A1: Washer-jet verification apparatus patent, US-2006119068-A1: Driving apparatus of multifunctional chain bicycle patent, US-2006140337-A1: X-ray ct device patent, US-2006204005-A1: Method and system for enhancing cryptography-based security patent, US-2006225260-A1: Composite lathe patent, US-2006225765-A1: Impregnating dental floss with hydrogen peroxide patent, US-2006231762-A1: Reflection type terahertz spectrometer and spectrometric method patent, US-2006282902-A1: Security device and method for information processing apparatus patent, US-2007001045-A1: Continuous flow micro-crusher patent, US-2007003674-A1: Bagel toppings patent, US-2007005072-A1: Pedicle punch patent, US-2007005256-A1: Method and apparatus for real-time correlation of data collected from biological sensors patent, US-2007035949-A1: Methods and apparatus for operating very high pressure short arc discharge lamps patent, US-2007126243-A1: Passive entry side door latch release system patent, US-2007127653-A1: System and methods for disclosing call destination characteristic patent, US-2007138005-A1: Electrochemical testing device patent, US-2007154062-A1: Apparatus and method for optically surveying and/or examining a welding componentry patent, US-2007203496-A1: Spine distraction implant and method patent, US-2007241126-A1: Sensor-Dispensing Instrument and Method of Using the Same patent, US-2007262527-A1: Poker-type card game and method therefor patent, US-2007285967-A1: Resistance change memory device patent, US-2007288335-A1: System and method for providing compensation to loan professionals patent, US-2008009122-A1: Arrangement for solder bump formation on wafers patent, US-2008009995-A1: Transmission slip control patent, US-2008058026-A1: Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power for mobile terminal patent, US-2008080521-A1: Industrial ethernet communications adapter patent, US-2008115119-A1: System and method for early platform dependency preparation of intermediate code representation during bytecode compilation patent, US-2008135354-A1: Caliper For a Disk Brake patent, US-2008192464-A1: Light source module patent, US-2008238136-A1: Motor Vehicle Door patent, US-2008256955-A1: Combustor liner with improved heat shield retention patent, US-2008291906-A1: Stateful switching between reliable transport modules for communicating with an external peer without losing the transport layer connection patent, US-2008302768-A1: Zero-Gap Laser Welding patent, US-2009025698-A1: Internal combustion engine and method for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-2009079723-A1: Power saving switch and electronic apparatus with same patent, US-2009111528-A1: Method and Apparatus for an Audible Indication of an Active Wireless Link patent, US-2009125893-A1: Method and apparatus for managing variable assignments in a program patent, US-2009156377-A1: Exercise to simulate horizontal ladder exercise patent, US-2009206556-A1: Combination seal patent, US-2009219075-A1: Full Bridge Arrangement patent, US-2009298309-A1: Electric Connection Box patent, US-2009298428-A1: Method of connecting multiple bluetooth profiles and bluetooth apparatus using the same patent, US-2010012702-A1: Surgical retraction mechanism patent, US-2010047777-A1: Methods for identifying mutations in coding and non-coding dna patent, US-2004027308-A1: Low profile, dual polarized/pattern antenna patent, US-2004032276-A1: Flatness Correction patent, US-2004125099-A1: Method, apparatus and article for display unit power management patent, US-2004129838-A1: Flow control device and method of controlling flow patent, US-2004153517-A1: Handling a multimedia object associated with an electronic message patent, US-2004185151-A1: Process and equipment for determining the alcoholic strength of a water/alcohol solution patent, US-2004185711-A1: Device for fastening an electrical component on a board patent, US-2004189336-A1: Apparatus for monitoring the connection state of connectors and a method for using the same patent, US-2004233173-A1: Keypad for portable electronic devices patent, US-2005009125-A1: Method of pretreatment of sample for quantitating cholesterol and method for quantitating cholesterol in specific lipoproteins by using the same patent, US-2005019122-A1: Printed board machining apparatus patent, US-2005056504-A1: Adjustable damper with control valve, mounted in an external collar patent, US-2005078430-A1: Display device and method and apparatus for manufacturing the display device patent, US-2005111073-A1: Integrated variable optical attenuator and related components patent, US-2005111709-A1: Identification system patent, US-2005114514-A1: Advising a network component for control of communication session connection through employment of one or more communication session restrictions patent, US-2005127698-A1: Home furnishings and the like mobile selling systems and methods patent, US-2005167617-A1: Method of generating extreme ultraviolet radiation patent, US-2005219778-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2005228837-A1: Approximate number calculator patent, US-2005238136-A1: Method for taking computed tomography scans with the aid of a CT unit, and a CT unit patent, US-2005241591-A1: Rodent cage to accommodate monitoring devices patent, US-2005259369-A1: Arc fault circuit breaker and apparatus for detecting wet track arc fault patent, US-2005285683-A1: Floating input amplifier for capacitively coupled communication patent, US-2005287841-A1: Housing case for electronic circuit board patent, US-2006022408-A1: Mosaic playing-cards patent, US-2006040070-A1: Optical compensating sheet, production method thereof optical film, and polarizing plate and liquied crystal display device using the same patent, US-2006058779-A1: Electrocautery method and system 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