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US-2006177779-A1: Color material and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material patent, US-2006190072-A1: Flexible cells for axially interconnecting stent components patent, US-2006197455-A1: External electrode fluorescent lamp patent, US-2006225558-A1: Clave one patent, US-2007003428-A1: Highly ductile chromium alloy containing silver patent, US-2007028428-A1: Strap attachment device patent, US-2007040955-A1: Thin film transistor array substrate and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2007053170-A1: Card connector patent, US-2007077859-A1: Corset patent, US-2007096343-A1: Semiconductor device package patent, US-2007128855-A1: Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2007138391-A1: Steady-state non-equilibrium distribution of free carriers and photon energy up-conversion using same patent, US-2007138738-A1: Sheet carrying unit, image forming apparatus and sheet carrying control method patent, US-2007186282-A1: Techniques for identifying and managing potentially harmful web traffic patent, US-2007201156-A1: Substrate processing apparatus, parameter management system for substrate processing apparatus, parameter management method for substrate processing apparatus, program, and storage medium patent, US-2007204404-A1: Height adjustment for changing table patent, US-2007215884-A1: Backside accessible display patent, US-2007218999-A1: Game system patent, US-2007230954-A1: Optical-switch testing apparatus, optical-signal switching apparatus, optical-switch testing method, and control method for optical-signal switching patent, US-2007241768-A1: Changing chip function based on fuse states patent, US-2007251055-A1: Fuel flap for automobiles patent, US-2007269093-A1: On-Line Time-Of-Flight Mashing: DMA Rebinning Applied to a Long-Axis PET-TOF System for Reduced Transaxial Angular Sampling With 3-D Nearest-Neighbor Projection-Space Rebinning in Clinical PET/CT patent, US-2008015229-A1: Use of rimonabant for the preparation of medicaments useful in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes patent, US-2008015308-A1: Rubber composition for covering carcass cord and tire having carcass using same patent, US-2008019539-A1: Method and system for near-end detection patent, US-2008025237-A1: Multiplex transmission apparatus, multiplex transmission system, and multiplex transmission method patent, US-2008064899-A1: Method For Producing Alpha, Beta-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid patent, US-2008079492-A1: Differential amplifier patent, US-2008137544-A1: Method and terminal for setting up a packet-oriented communication link patent, US-2008146058-A1: Automatic power line disconnect apparatus patent, US-2008171813-A1: Rheology stabilizer for cementitious compositions patent, US-2008174845-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2008269025-A1: Indoor Exercise Cycle With Tilt Function patent, US-2008275258-A1: Epigallocatechin Dimers or Trimers Having Lipase Inhibitory Activity and/or Antioxidant Activity patent, US-2008297373-A1: Sensor node patent, US-2008309710-A1: Liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-2009014519-A1: Smart card set protocol optimization patent, US-2009103282-A1: Display device patent, US-2009104813-A1: Electrical connection between cable and printed circuite board for high data speed and high signal frequency patent, US-2009140666-A1: Dimming control circuit and method for generating analog and digital signals according to one analog control signal patent, US-2009162087-A1: Image forming apparatus, image forming structural body, method of mounting image forming structural body and method of pulling out image forming structural body patent, US-2009162394-A1: Vaccine patent, US-2009167198-A1: Light string having shunt circuitry arranged on husk of light bulb assembly patent, US-2009201288-A1: Rendering 3D Computer Graphics Using 2D Computer Graphics Capabilities patent, US-2009243149-A1: Production method of wood cement board patent, US-2009261667-A1: Rotor for electric rotating machine and rotating machine patent, US-2009318205-A1: Two-player game of skill where each player tries to press while the other player is pressing patent, US-2009324001-A1: Speakerphone with a novel loudspeaker placement patent, US-2010010731-A1: Estimation method of traffic information patent, US-2010010881-A1: Using a Conflict of Interest Method and System with Regression Analysis for Analyzing Portfolio Manager Performance patent, US-2010017363-A1: Efficient evaluation of sql pivot operations patent, US-2010045583-A1: Liquid crystal display and method of operating the same patent, US-2010045669-A1: Systems and method for visualization of fluids patent, US-2004005049-A1: Apparatus and method for providing switching at a telephone cross-connect patent, US-2004021252-A1: Method of manufacturing golf club head of composite material patent, US-2004030361-A1: Automatic device for optimized muscular stimulation patent, US-2004109665-A1: Electro-optical device and electronic instrument patent, US-2004111681-A1: Designing methods and circuits for multi-band electronic circuits patent, US-2004114411-A1: Content addressable memory capable of stably storing ternary data patent, US-2004120377-A1: Semiconductor laser comprising a plurality of optically active regions patent, US-2004135609-A1: Circuit and method for inputting a start signal for a controller patent, US-2004145640-A1: Ink used in inkjet recording, method for inkjet recording, inkjet recording head and manufacturing method therefor, method for treating inkjet recording head, and inkjet printer patent, US-2004145841-A1: Earth leakage protection device and electrical switchgear unit comprising such a device patent, US-2004198527-A1: Portable telescopic rod retainer for locating golf rod patent, US-2004201554-A1: Method of driving display panel and drive for carrying out same patent, US-2004235543-A1: Game apparatus, game method, and program patent, US-2004242293-A1: Customizable play-piece game patent, US-2004246316-A1: Resealed ink cartridge and method of manufacture patent, US-2005015054-A1: Syringe needle protecting cover patent, US-2005023048-A1: Load cell patent, US-2005029431-A1: Device for detecting passing of object and device for measuring velocity of passed object patent, US-2005044970-A1: Force measurement cell patent, US-2005054997-A1: Ostomy appliance patent, US-2005063828-A1: Compressor and overload protecting apparatus patent, US-2005071912-A1: "Just flip it", toilet seat and toilet seat cover lifting aid patent, US-2005075058-A1: Sand-belt finishing machine having dust clearing function patent, US-2005095091-A1: Manufacturing cell patent, US-2005095910-A1: Divided connector and method of disengaging an auxiliary connector housing therefrom patent, US-2005117280-A1: Solid electrolytic capacitor patent, US-2005187038-A1: Golf ball patent, US-2005231866-A1: Method and apparatus for protecting a gate oxide using source/bulk pumping patent, US-2005235358-A1: Server denial of service shield patent, US-2005251660-A1: Method and system for specualtively sending processor-issued store operations to a store queue with full signal asserted patent, US-2005280773-A1: Sports sunglasses patent, US-2005288811-A1: Method of controlling the quality of industrial processes and system therefor patent, US-2006022598-A1: Field emission cathode gating for RF electron guns and planar focusing cathodes patent, US-2006052623-A1: Silsesquioxane derivative and process for producing the same patent, US-2006089164-A1: Method and system for transmitting MMS notification message patent, US-2006089459-A1: Process for producing thermoplastic elastomer composition patent, US-2006106358-A1: Sanitary napkin disposal assembly patent, US-2006127144-A1: Image heating apparatus patent, US-2006140177-A1: Method and device for setting a route for communication connection patent, US-2006140483-A1: Systems, methods and apparatus for detecting a collimation edge in digital image radiography patent, US-2006143930-A1: Hair dressing scissors patent, US-2006188897-A1: Transposon mediated differential hybridisation patent, US-2006226335-A1: Apparatus and a method for the determination of the focal distance patent, US-2006230999-A1: Seed preparation and method of using same patent, US-2006241336-A1: System and method for dream therapy to facilitate life review patent, US-4968842-A: Catalytic process for the manufacture of oximes patent, US-2006267631-A1: Interface device and information processing system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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