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US-2009132370-A1: System And Method For Internet Marketing And Branding patent, US-2009143165-A1: Golf club head patent, US-2009231292-A1: Electronic device configured to receive touch sensor patent, US-2009235895-A1: Lubricating structure for engine patent, US-2009242151-A1: Whole-covered sunshade assembly patent, US-2009270592-A1: Purified TNFR preparations patent, US-2009217-A: Building block patent, US-2004045535-A1: Method and arrangement for determining a fuel wall film mass patent, US-2004058115-A1: Sheet-like adhesive labels, method of attaching said adhesive labels, dials, method of manufacturing dials and timepieces patent, US-2004087809-A1: Processes for producing alkyl ester of fatty acid patent, US-2004204877-A1: Apparatus for and method of calculating electromagnetic field intensity, and computer program product patent, US-2004218178-A1: Systems, methods and devices for holographic demultiplexing of optical signals patent, US-2004247701-A1: Fagopyrum cymosum (Trev.) meisn composition, method to prepare and analyze the same and uses thereof patent, US-2005107613-A1: Novel pharmaceutical salt of (1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1-indanone)-2-yl] methyl piperidine (Donepezil) patent, US-2005143839-A1: Artificial knee joint patent, US-2005155806-A1: Disposition structure of engine functional components for vehicle patent, US-2005162234-A1: Signal discriminator patent, US-2005182663-A1: Method of examining a plurality of sites for a clinical trial patent, US-2005228105-A1: Modified asphalt with partitioning agent patent, US-2005248562-A1: Deformation of a computer-aided design model patent, US-2005250955-A1: Method for producing propenyl oxide using a secondary reactor comprising several feed and/or outlet points patent, US-2005259450-A1: High-frequency power supply device patent, US-2005270570-A1: Remote printing systems and methods for portable digital devices patent, US-2006023740-A1: Rehabilitating a serving area interface cabinet and terminal field for broadband services without service interruption patent, US-2006042707-A1: Accumulator using internal and external threads patent, US-2006064023-A1: Method for automatically calibrating electronic sphygmomanometer patent, US-2006088681-A1: Method of new type of removable self-stick notes with adjustable dimensions available for users patent, US-2006115115-A1: Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus patent, US-2006139965-A1: Power supply device and single photo-coupler control circuit thereof patent, US-2006160665-A1: Treadmill having angle adjustable function patent, US-2006164496-A1: Image forming method and image forming apparatus patent, US-2006273725-A1: Electric lamp and method of depositing a layer on the lamp patent, US-2006285679-A1: Telephone transmitter/receiver patent, US-2006287115-A1: Torsional vibration dampener patent, US-2007030884-A1: System and method for adjusting acquisition phase patent, US-2007044636-A1: Mouthpiece for a musical instrument patent, US-2007074315-A1: Hydro-seeding mixture patent, US-2007160537-A1: In vivo screening method of therapeutic agent for memory/learning dysfunctions by schizophrenia patent, US-2007180936-A1: Comprehensive particulate matter measurement system and method for using the same patent, US-2007185437-A1: Needle-free syringe and the injection procedure patent, US-2007223412-A1: Method for Signal Transmission in a Radio Communication System patent, US-2007257030-A1: Microwaveable package patent, US-2007271535-A1: Method for crosstalk elimination and bus architecture performing the same patent, US-2007291636-A1: System, Method and Computer-Readable Medium for Detection and Avoidance of Victim Services in Ultra-Wideband Systems patent, US-2008021737-A1: Method and system for providing a medical service patent, US-2008072861-A1: Engine for vehicle patent, US-2008111979-A1: Liquid-immersion exposure method and liquid-immersion exposure apparatus patent, US-2008123121-A1: Apparatus and method for adjusting density in image forming patent, US-2008126619-A1: Multiple bus interface control using a single controller patent, US-2008227091-A1: QTL controlling Sclerotinia stem ROT resistance in soybean patent, US-2009083458-A1: KVM switch, KVM system and computer readable medium patent, US-2009130348-A1: Thermal transfer sheet patent, US-2009171088-A1: Reversible self-assembly of imbedded metallomacrocycles within a macromolecular superstructure patent, US-2009192372-A1: Analyte Monitoring Device and Methods of Use patent, US-2009221826-A1: Process for making topotecan patent, US-2009226163-A1: System and method for optical transmission patent, US-2009247019-A1: Expansion connection module for connecting to at least two coil connectors of an electromagnetic switching device, in particular a contactor patent, US-2009286842-A1: Naphthylmethylimidizoles as therapeutic agents patent, US-2009292435-A1: Security for engine torque input air-per-cylinder calculations patent, US-2009321447-A1: Vertical round container for storing liquids, and arrangement comprising a plurality of containers patent, US-2010020489-A1: Foldable electronic device patent, US-2003209862-A1: Metal end cap seal with annular protrusions patent, US-2003210102-A1: Surface-mount crystal oscillator patent, US-2003231928-A1: Bitumen or asphalt for the production of road surfaces, road surfaces, and method for the preparation of bitumen or asphalt patent, US-2004021637-A1: Optical mouse and method for preventing an erroneous operation thereof patent, US-2004025356-A1: Razors patent, US-2004033076-A1: Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network system patent, US-2004076362-A1: Dynamically tunable photonic bandgap microcavity waveguides via mechanical lattice control patent, US-2004105003-A1: Game machine and monitor system patent, US-2004114755-A1: Telephone cord having a digital transmission patent, US-2004152868-A1: Compositions and methods for modulating guanylyl cyclase signaling receptor (gc-c) activity and for treating meniere's disease patent, US-2004165360-A1: Rackmount computer system and method patent, US-2004181688-A1: Systems and methods for the copy-protected distribution of electronic documents patent, US-2004209249-A1: Method of obtaining protein diversity patent, US-2004243891-A1: Failure analysis method of semiconductor device patent, US-2005019335-A1: Salmonella vaccine patent, US-2005040786-A1: Power supply apparatus patent, US-2005076701-A1: Method and apparatus for non-iterative calibration of current output in time-of-flight ranging systems patent, US-2005094057-A1: Light guide plate for reducing bump like patent, US-2005120248-A1: Internet protocol telephony security architecture patent, US-2005125006-A1: Device for sealing a cervical canal patent, US-2005136382-A1: Adhesive endodontic cones and methods patent, US-2005140855-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2005186304-A1: Molding apparatus and molding method patent, US-2005191801-A1: Method for fabricating a field effect transistor patent, US-2005204262-A1: Electronic device for reducing interleaving write access conflicts in optimized concurrent interleaving architecture for high throughput turbo decoding patent, US-2005277274-A1: Method of synthesizing hybrid metal oxide materials and applications thereof patent, US-2005279134-A1: Hinge device for attaching at least two bracelet links patent, US-2006012397-A1: GTL output structure having a slew rate control restore circuit patent, US-2006024328-A1: Potent immunostimulatory extracts from microalgae patent, US-2006069092-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of diseases related to neurotrophines patent, US-2006075635-A1: Method of assembling gas flow control valve patent, US-2006077676-A1: Saddle-ride type vehicle patent, US-2006082799-A1: Printing system and printing method to conserve developer patent, US-2006083913-A1: Grille cleaning sponge patent, US-2006115880-A1: Enzymatic production of acyl flavonoid derivatives patent, US-2006133120-A1: Three-phase ac-to-dc-to-ac converter patent, US-2006139910-A1: Umbrella handle structure with lighting function patent, US-2006144240-A1: Gas concentrator patent, US-2006145760-A1: High efficiency linear RF amplifier patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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