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US-8611570-B2: Data storage system, hearing aid, and method of selectively applying sound filters patent, US-8618004-B2: Multifunctional composites patent, US-8642501-B2: Composite oxide catalyst patent, US-8707874-B2: Molded part for accommodation and fixation of storage containers rectangular in outline patent, US-8846279-B2: Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus patent, US-8875277-B2: Forcing all mobile network traffic over a secure tunnel connection patent, US-8884342-B2: Semiconductor device with a passivation layer patent, US-8891240-B2: Apparatus and method for cooling a semiconductor device patent, US-8913778-B2: Structure for preventing a fall of a speaker device from a main appliance patent, US-8915537-B2: Vehicle body structure patent, US-8977720-B2: Internet based hosted system and computer readable medium for modeling analysis patent, US-8998494-B2: Dry gas thrust bearing for use in rotating equipment patent, US-9012342-B2: Melt composition for the production of man-made vitreous fibres patent, US-9029789-B2: Method for detecting radiation, device thereof, and positron emission tomography scanner patent, US-9041062-B2: Silicon-on-nothing FinFETs patent, US-9042287-B2: Methods and apparatus for improving network loading patent, US-9044905-B2: Forming device for manufacturing profiled semifinished products, system with such a forming device and method for manufacturing profiled semifinished products patent, US-9052007-B2: Gear-shifting mechanism for vehicles patent, US-9056249-B2: Device and method for a streaming video game patent, US-9056434-B2: Method for extrusion-molding loose tube and apparatus therefor, and loose tube patent, US-9066768-B2: Bone plate hybrid device patent, US-9073315-B2: Image forming apparatus and method of driving and controlling head patent, US-9079538-B2: Pair of external vehicle mirrors patent, US-4092587-A: Contact protection test set patent, US-9097609-B1: Hermetic seal leak detection apparatus with variable size test chamber patent, US-9120194-B2: Apparatus for wafer grinding patent, US-9139276-B2: Outboard motor control system patent, US-9144872-B2: Tool turret for processing workpieces and processing system with this type of tool turret patent, US-9188475-B2: Bridge element patent, US-9221540-B2: Removable step for an aircraft, and an aircraft patent, US-9236001-B2: Method of driving electro-optic device and electro-optic device in which light emitting elements emit light concurrently in a period during one frame patent, US-9239232-B2: Method and system for determining position and orientation of a measuring instrument patent, US-9275838-B2: Arrangements for manipulating plasma confinement within a plasma processing system and methods thereof patent, US-9322992-B2: Devices and methods for multimode light detection patent, US-9334848-B2: Wave generator patent, US-9373280-B2: Organic light emitting diode display for compensating image data and method of driving the same patent, US-9397970-B2: Coordinated deep tagging of media content with community chat postings patent, US-9417851-B2: Location-based application development for runtime environments patent, US-9433774-B2: Headset for treatment and assessment of medical conditions patent, US-9438415-B2: Method and system for securing communication on a home gateway in an IP content streaming system patent, US-9491879-B2: Electronic card patent, US-9496748-B2: Integrated power system control method and related apparatus with energy storage element patent, US-9529085-B2: Method for measuring spatial points patent, US-9536958-B2: Semiconductor substrate and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9596523-B2: Image processing device, image processing method, and program patent, US-9612165-B2: Multi-directional in-duct combining air-temperature monitor patent, US-9623537-B2: Apparatus for treating surface of radome patent, US-9624981-B2: Gas pressure bearing element patent, US-9648896-B2: Machine with engageable tank for ice creams, granita or iced beverages patent, US-9663946-B2: Curtain wall mullions, transoms and systems patent, US-9692378-B2: Programmable gain amplifier with analog gain trim using interpolation patent, US-9698339-B1: Magnetic tunnel junction encapsulation using hydrogenated amorphous semiconductor material patent, US-9728212-B1: Disk drive with multiple read-write heads patent, US-9777475-B1: Floor vent patent, US-9779783-B2: Latching current sensing amplifier for memory array patent, US-9786952-B2: Lithium secondary cell including an electrolytic solution including cyclic acid anhydrides patent, US-9789429-B2: Pre-separating vane diffuser and method for introducing a flow-mixture in a separator patent, US-9817240-B2: Glass patterned retarder stereoscopic 3D display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9829592-B2: Seismic imaging with visco-acoustic reverse-time migration using pseudo-analytical method patent, US-9878927-B2: Apparatus for purifying a fluid and method for purifying a fluid, in particular by means of the aforesaid apparatus patent, US-9880943-B2: Cache management in a multi-threaded environment patent, US-RE36071-E: Three envelope package for sterile specimens patent, US-8536352-B2: Method of producing epoxy compounds patent, US-8561467-B2: Angular velocity sensor element, angular velocity sensor and angular velocity sensor unit both using angular velocity sensor element, and signal detecting method for angular velocity sensor unit patent, US-8572252-B2: Extensible dynamic performance instrumentation of pages patent, US-8573169-B2: Variable valve device for an internal combustion engine patent, US-8594031-B2: Method and apparatus for providing quality of service for similar priority logical channels patent, US-8598197-B2: CDK inhibitors patent, US-8598290-B2: Method for producing fluorine-containing elastomer patent, US-8599896-B2: Laser amplifier system patent, US-8631740-B2: Method and apparatus for making an air-containing mixture patent, US-8686821-B2: Inductor structure patent, US-8710187-B2: Modified binding proteins inhibiting the VEGF-A receptor interaction patent, US-8729479-B1: Molecular breast imaging apparatus and method for concurrent dual-breast imaging patent, US-8748411-B2: Antineoplastic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof patent, US-8755379-B2: Apparatus and method for link duplication in mobile communication system patent, US-8768202-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8800058-B2: Licensing verification for application use patent, US-8822878-B2: Production of nanometric or sub-micrometric powders in continuous flux patent, US-8825425-B2: Correction method of geomagnetic sensor in mobile device, mobile device, and program patent, US-8831495-B2: Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same patent, US-8892572-B2: Video search system and method of use patent, US-8898530-B1: Dynamic built-in self-test system patent, US-8906705-B2: Semiconductor device with pads of enhanced moisture blocking ability patent, US-8919984-B1: Multiple light source cap device with short and long range lighting patent, US-8920735-B2: SCC equipped with foam removal unit patent, US-8921598-B2: Method for producing urethanes composed of mono and di-functional aromatic amines patent, US-8935874-B2: Rail cover for a firearm patent, US-8955828-B2: Springless electric gate tensioner patent, US-8980921-B2: AMPK-activating heterocyclic compounds and methods for using the same patent, US-8985256-B1: Hood apparatus for vehicle patent, US-9002633-B2: Method of determining and validating navigational priority settings utilizing probe data patent, US-9052740-B2: Adaptive data path for computer-vision applications patent, US-9053989-B2: Elongated bump structure in semiconductor device patent, US-9129529-B2: Traffic management system patent, US-9163957-B2: Position sensor patent, US-9167061-B2: Gyroscopic alerting mechanism for portable communications device patent, US-9219528-B2: Information exchange device patent, US-9220691-B2: Transdermal therapeutic system comprising norelestromin for contraception and hormone replacement patent, US-9234222-B2: Microbial strains producing sphingoid bases or derivatives thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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