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US-9272228-B2: Full-duplex, wireless control system for interactive costumed characters patent, US-9272936-B2: Waste treatment process patent, US-9299471-B1: Highly resistive wiring for inherent safety from electromagnetic threats patent, US-9304690-B2: System and method for peer-to-peer PCIe storage transfers patent, US-9309363-B2: Product and method for making uniform spherical, acrylic polymeric beads patent, US-9310455-B2: Probe system with compensating network patent, US-9333849-B2: Co-injected sealing structure of an air recirculation prevention device patent, US-9340071-B2: Pneumatic tire patent, US-9348418-B2: Gesture recognizing and controlling method and device thereof patent, US-9362640-B2: Card edge connector patent, US-9381698-B2: Laser-engraveable elements patent, US-9438457-B2: Peak to average power ratio suppression patent, US-9441856-B2: Steam generator patent, US-9444664-B2: Channel frequency offset estimation method, apparatus, and system patent, US-9482370-B2: Line clamp assembly and method of use patent, US-9541673-B2: Space weather monitoring system for polar routes patent, US-9548446-B2: Synthetic antiferromagnet (SAF) coupled free layer for perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (P-MTJ) patent, US-9550399-B2: Tow hitch with brake sensor system and method of use patent, US-9552118-B2: Capacitive finger navigation module and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9568764-B2: Display substrate, display panel and display device patent, US-9570407-B2: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent, US-9576210-B1: Sharpness-based frame selection for OCR patent, US-9580270-B2: Winding fixing device patent, US-9581899-B2: 2-dimensional patterning employing tone inverted graphoepitaxy patent, US-9584355-B2: Device and method for frequency offset estimation patent, US-9584511-B2: Virtual verification patent, US-9600033-B2: Impact-resistant display device patent, US-9617245-B2: Process for preparing an N-methyl-substituted triacetonamine compound patent, US-9623430-B2: Slit nozzle cleaning device for coaters patent, US-9647337-B1: Dual-band antenna with grounded patch and coupled feed patent, US-9665938-B2: Image processing apparatus and specific figure detecting method patent, US-9669658-B1: Hollow twin-wheel caster structure of luggage patent, US-9683588-B2: Hydraulic closed circuit system patent, US-9705555-B2: Dual or multiple SIM standby and active using a single digital baseband patent, US-9716401-B2: Recharegable battery pack patent, US-9716506-B2: Phase lock method patent, US-9731289-B2: Automation of incubation, processing, harvesting and analysis of samples in a multi-cell plate with thin film sample support patent, US-9731730-B2: Grating connector and spacer apparatus, system, and methods of using the same patent, US-9754488-B2: Method and system for generating an alarm signal in a vehicle patent, US-9754836-B2: Packaging methods for fabrication of analytical device packages and analytical device packages made thereof patent, US-9763942-B2: Serine/threonine kinase inhibitors patent, US-9773742-B2: Embedded millimeter-wave phased array module patent, US-9784762-B2: Determination of local contact potential difference by noncontact atomic force microscopy patent, US-9797725-B2: Apparatus and method to aid magnetic positioning and navigation patent, US-9808133-B2: Surface cleaning device patent, US-9835081-B2: Supercharger assembly patent, US-9837753-B1: Module outlet patent, US-9847871-B2: Systems and methods for a multiple value packing scheme for homomorphic encryption patent, US-9885281-B2: Engine system with two pistons patent, US-RE32480-E: Electronic bingo player patent, US-RE39610-E: Systems and methods for replacing open windows in a graphical user interface patent, US-8571630-B2: Transmission line for RF signals without matching networks patent, US-8623555-B2: Electrode useable in electrochemical cell and method of making same patent, US-8644416-B1: Method and system for accurately converging a timing recovery mechanism and an equalizer at a receiver patent, US-8647576-B2: Electrolytic eluent generator and method of use patent, US-8648038-B2: (2-aryloxyacetylamino)phenylpropionic acid derivatives, processes for preparation thereof and use thereof as medicaments patent, US-8675833-B2: System and method for managing messages patent, US-8678319-B2: De-icing device of an aircraft gas-turbine engine patent, US-8725911-B2: Automatic access and control of media peripherals on a media exchange network patent, US-8768623-B2: Route selection patent, US-8775724-B2: Memory system in which extension function can easily be set patent, US-8781367-B2: Image forming apparatus and processing apparatus with a rotatable cover unit that includes a clutch and transmission member patent, US-8818071-B2: Banknote recognition and counting machine and banknote recognition and counting method patent, US-8899931-B2: Impeller, compressor, and method for producing impeller patent, US-8905439-B2: Retractor device for seatbelt, and seatbelt device patent, US-8918995-B2: Method of repairing shrouded turbine blades with cracks in the vicinity of the outer shroud notch patent, US-8937035-B2: Star polymer and lubricating composition thereof patent, US-8954205-B2: System and method for road side equipment of interest selection for active safety applications patent, US-8976089-B2: Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit patent, US-8984275-B2: Virtual air gap—VAG system patent, US-9001877-B2: Signal processing for diversity combining radio receiver patent, US-9003286-B2: System and method for providing broadcast listener participation patent, US-9003321-B2: Application bar browsing of tabbed-view applications patent, US-9006071-B2: Thin channel MOSFET with silicide local interconnect patent, US-9028007-B2: Cooling a ranging arm gear case on a longwall shearer patent, US-9033667-B2: Impeller of centrifugal compressor patent, US-9047172-B2: Adaptive power control of memory map storage devices patent, US-9075685-B2: Method and device for optimizing data updates in operationally approved software applications of aircraft patent, US-9103230-B2: Apparatus and method for the creation of an impingement jet generating annular swirls as well as turbomachine with an apparatus of this type patent, US-9109608-B2: Compressor airfoil tip clearance optimization system patent, US-9117883-B2: Nanotube electronics templated self-assembly patent, US-9156302-B2: Substrates incorporating security devices patent, US-9201533-B2: Substrate for in-cell type touch sensor liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9222683-B2: Supply air terminal device patent, US-9227594-B2: Resistance-based catalytic converter protection systems and configurations patent, US-9236274-B1: Filling materials and methods of filling through holes for improved adhesion and hermeticity in glass substrates and other electronic components patent, US-9239556-B2: Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-9242254-B2: Multi function outlet mechanism patent, US-9283433-B2: Stand-alone therapeutical training device patent, US-9289778-B2: Magnetic separator system and method using spatially modulated magnetic fields patent, US-9301059-B2: Bone conduction hearing aid system patent, US-9302315-B2: Device for forming deep-drawn containers patent, US-9319792-B1: Audio capture and remote output patent, US-9361920-B1: Compensation for track misalignment due to degradation of HAMR write head patent, US-9366056-B2: Decoding tumbler locks patent, US-9366785-B2: Mold, method for manufacturing a mold, and antireflective film patent, US-9371262-B2: One-step intermolecular electrocyclic rearrangement process patent, US-9384046-B2: Information processing apparatus, computer product, and information processing method for multi-thread process patent, US-9442094-B2: Apparatus and method for acoustic monitoring of steam quality and flow patent, US-9450391-B2: Optimized current bus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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